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1956 Literature

Part No.

Description Price
DG-010 Assembly manual $20.00
DG-011 Shop manual; supplement to the 1955 shop manual (See 1955 Lit) $12.00
DG-012 Full color accessory book $8.00
DG-013 Convertible top manual $5.00
DG-014 Accessory price list $3.00
DG-015 Sales brochure for passenger car $5.00
DG-016 Sales brochure for wagon $5.00
DG-017 Owners manual $8.00
DG-069 Wiring diagram $5.00
1008448 Reprint of Chevrolet Fingertip Facts Book $11.00
AC Air condition service systems $6.00
TF Turbo-Fire tune-up guide $6.00